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Dear Students,

It is with great joy that I take the reins of the post of Vice Chancellor at the Sanjay Ghodawat University Kolhapur. To some it may seem strange that I have left behind the comfort zone of my government job (I was the Principal of Govt. College of Engineering, Karwar, Karnataka) and again taken the responsibility of the Director at SGI. (Before this I was also the Founding Director of SGI in 2010) at SGI. But I have always believed in the philosophy that says, 'Everything you want is out of your comfort zone'.

SGI is young and dynamic upcoming institute. The Management of SGI led by the Chairman, Sanjay Ghodawat is very supportive and has a great vision to see the Institute among the top names in the country. As Toyoda said that a person should at least once in his lifetime attempt something bigger than himself, I take this challenge with a positive spirit. My vision is to see that SGI attains autonomous state and private University status by 2020. It is in keeping this vision in mind we have already undergone the accreditation process by NAAC and awaiting the further accreditation process by NBA. I am happy to note that 12 of our students have also been among the University toppers this year. My focus is to bring about qualitative and value based education to nurture our students to evolve as future global leaders. I have along with the Management of SGI visited some European and other Foreign Universities recently and looking forward for tie - ups with them to help us gain a global perspective in our education endeavour. I am also very passionate about Community Development projects through our Institute for I believe that the ultimate aim of education should be transformation of lives and betterment of our world.

I look forward to working with your ward and invite you to invest the life of your ward with us. I am sure you will not regret for at SGI we are in the noble endeavour of shaping lives of our students. We believe we are artists at work and the students we churn out are our work of art. To this we commit ourselves with your kind support.

Professor. Dr. V. A. Raikar
Vice Chancellor
Sanjay Ghodawat University Kolhapur